Sky Falls

This is Sky Falls

I am a loud, abrasive, opinionated, somewhat intelligent prick.  I say what I feel and I don’t really care if it offends people, simply because I feel most people need to be offended.  I feel that if I offend enough people, they will stop being so hypersensitive that they will actually stand up for themselves in a proper way and society will stop being filled with generation upon generation of pussies.

sky fallsI am always open for intelligent and powerful discussion.  Result to petty insults and ignorant lies and bullshit…. then I am just going to lump you into the same shit pile as I put most of society.  It’s that wonderful pile over there that smells of stupid.  Don’t. Be. Stupid.

A lot of people tend to get rather upset at me due to the brash and harsh nature of the way that I present things.  The fact of the matter is that I feel if shock value has any value whatsoever, then hopefully what I say will shock people enough to make them think things outside of the proverbial box.  It’s the “Sky Falls” way.

People have asked, “what does Sky Falls mean?  Why did you choose that name?”  Well it was chosen for a few different reasons.  The primary reason I use Sky Falls as my moniker is because everyone states that “the sky is the limit,” but no one ever states the obvious or comments on what happens whenever the sky falls around you.  We all hit rock bottom at some point, and the moniker itself is a reminder that this can happen.

The other reasons I chose Sky Falls is because of 1) the vaping world, with big cloud chasers and what not, the vapor is so thick and heavy that it just kinda hovers for a moment and then falls to the ground.  The “sky falls”.  Number 2) the least known fact of why I chose the name is because before my son was born, I wanted his middle name to be Skyler, and I’d call him Sky for short.  That was vetoed.  Great idea just fell off the table due to the woman I was with at the time.

I loved the name Sky, and just chose to apply it to another facet of my life.  Everything else just started to “fall” into place.  So then, once again, the “Sky Falls”.

Welcome to utter chaos.  ;)

More of this wonderful magic as I expand on the website.  If you would like to discuss, then by all means, shoot me an email and we can talk all day long!

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